Limited Edition


Distilled in 2008, the twelfth edition in the Marquess Collection marries together three types of Port cask: White Port, Tawny Port and Ruby Port. The result is a delicately blushed peach spirit which imbues a cacophony of sweet, fruity and warming aromas and flavours.
The nose delivers tart raspberries and succulent black fruits, perfectly balanced with a subtle hint of baked apple and crème caramel from the White Port.
The Tawny Port, aged in oak barrels bring layers of spiced oak, cloves and cinnamon, which creates a spicy and warming finish.

The MURRAY 2008

Distilled in 2008, The Murray 2008 has been matured in first fill American oak casks and bottled at cask strength. On the nose, honeycomb candy with butterscotch fudge, layers of candy floss, crème brûlée and molasses all drenched in a warm spiced bergamot orange liqueur. Rich creamy toffee flavours infused with citrus fruits, brownie baked Alaska with hints of choc chip mint ice cream combine leaving a long lingering velvety finish.


Distilled in 2005 and expertly crafted at our Perthshire distillery, the Murray Double Wood is aged in first-fill bourbon casks before being transferred into first-fill sherry casks for a second period of maturation. Expertly crafted at our Perthshire distillery, The Murray Double Wood is aged in first-fill Bourbon casks before being transferred into first-fill sherry casks for a second period of maturation.
On the nose, the expression boasts a delightful, rich honey sweetness layered upon vanilla ice cream, hints of dark chocolate and dried figs. Over time, subtle sherry aromas, combined with citrus fruits and freshly washed peaches, drift upwards leaving a delicate, oaky fragrance lingering. To taste, gentle notes of honey, sherried fruits and cinnamon with hints of espresso and fresh strawberries drizzled with cream. The soft-spiced sherry flavours linger on the tongue to create a smooth and exceptional finish.


The Murray Marsala Cask Finish is a new limited-edition release in the Marquess Collection. The expression has been bottled following extra-maturation in sweet Sicilian Marsala wine casks that have been specially sourced by the team at our artisan distillery. The result is a rose-tinged appearance with oaky and spicy aromas on the nose. When tasted, the whisky is reminiscent of plump summer fruits, malted biscuits and chewy strawberry candy. Creamy orange lingers on the finish.

The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Building upon The Murray’s flavour and aroma, The Murray Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a delightfully light single malt expression matured in first-fill American oak barrels and re-casked in classic wine barriques. This russet coloured whisky has an assortment of spicy and sweet aromas on the nose, and bursts with flavours of soft juicy cherries and mint chocolate on the finish.

The Murray 2007

Matured in ex-bourbon barrels, the Murray (2007) boasts a tantalising array of aromas and flavours. Bottled at cask strength the whisky possesses notes of baked lemon meringue pie with vanilla ice cream with hints of desiccated coconut. To taste, malted biscuits and creamy toffee are upfront with subtle oakiness and whispers of delicate citrus fruits on the smooth finish.

The Murray 2005

Distilled in 2005, The Murray 2005 has been matured in first fill American oak casks and bottled at cask strength. Notes of vanilla ice cream mingle with syrupy pineapple and bursts of sherbet lemon. The sweeter flavours are interwoven with hints of malted biscuits and honey, which culminate in a smooth, lingering finish.

The Murray 2004

The first whisky in The Marquess Collection is The Murray, a 12 year old, cask strength single malt, entirely matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels, distilled in 2004 and bottled in 2016. The Murray features chocolate-dipped strawberries which leads to herbal oak and buttery notes, then combine with a burst of barley and orchard fruits, filling the mouth with a hint of orange blossom, and ending with spicy peppercorn.

Distillery Edition N°1

Sabine Hallyburton, Visitor Centre Manager, has worked at the distillery since 2004 and lives locally in the village of Blackford. She has selected this cask for its soft floral aromas of freshly mown meadows with hints of freshly peeled oranges. Strawberries and cream combine with subtle flavours of dark chocolate and freshly brewed coffee that linger gently on the tongue to finish.


Gavin Cunningham, Senior Tour Guide, has worked at the distillery since 2004, born in South Africa now an honorary Scot. He has selected this cask for its soft creamy aromas with a whiff of cordite and hints of tewed apples. Subtle flavours of freshly baked fruitcake and delicate dried spices linger gently on the tongue to finish.


Jim Gerrard, Tour guide, has worked in the distillery since 2009. Originally from St Andrews, he relocated close to the distillery over 25 years ago. He has selected this cask for its soft vanilla aromas with hints of desiccated coconut and freshly washed green apples. Creamy lemon curd and delicate spiced oaky flavours tingle gently on the tongue to finish.


David Myles, Distillery Manager, has worked at the Tullibardine for 17 years. He can uniquely say that he mashed, distilled and filled the spirit that he selected from 2005 to create this expression. He picked a cask that he’d had an eye on over the years due to its rich, honeyed fruits with hints of sweet vanilla, citrus and baked apples. He also thinks it goes perfectly with a bar of chocolate.


Greg Paterson, Senior Distillery & Warehouse Operator at Tullibardine, has been at the distillery since 2007. He has picked a Sauternes cask from that year which boasts notes of caramel, vanilla, and Scottish tablet from its time spent in ex-bourbon casks, while the final maturation in Sauternes releases aromas of white peach and ripe nectarines. An exquisitely balanced and complex dram.


No.6 was chosen by Andy Simpson, a senior still house operator, who has worked at the distillery for over 12 years. He picked this cask for its unique infusion of signature Tullibardine notes of vanilla, caramel and toasted oak enriched with traditional rum flavours.
This deeply golden liquid boasts classic rum aromas of molasses, brown sugar, banana, and cinnamon. The palate is syrupy with a hint of spice which marries with the vanilla and caramel notes harmoniously. A deliciously spicy and sweet lingering finish.


The final instalment of the Distillery Edition series is a Châteauneuf-du-Pape finish chosen by Andrea Duffy, Senior Bottling Hall Operator. She has been with Tullibardine for over 14 years and has chosen this special cask for its full-bodied aroma.
Concentrated notes of blackberries, blackcurrants and plums, with black pepper penetrating the plummy bouquet, the fruity fusion is further savoured on the palate and balanced by hints of vanilla and a touch of oak with a sweet, lingering finish.